My DIY Box Braids

Hello everyone! Today I have finally decided to come back and write about a very liberating hair experience that I had recently. I had been bored of my own natural hair for a long time ever since it began to grow a bit longer then where it once was. My hair would look like a tapered cut because of all the shrinkage, but now its beginning to grow further out. I needed a protective style as well so that I could be able to get up and go, but still look polished. I had wanted to get my hair braided, but my funds were a bit tight. I work a part time job that pays both hourly and commission on top, and sales don’t always flourish when working in retail. Needless to say, I need to save all the money that I can. I decided to do my own jumbo box braids. I had purchased 8 packs of X-pressions braiding hair, small black rubberbands and used a mixture of the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel and the Amla Legend Edge Tamer to perfect my parting. Check out some of the progress as well as how I styled it:

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Yes it’s true, I was definitely feeling myself.


The style was super sleek and manageable with so many ways to style the braids. I would just apply olive oil onto my scalp every other night, apply my extra large bonnet and go to bed. When I would wake up, I would just have to lay my edges and go. Even when I wasn’t polished, I was polished. The style lasted for about a month (September 17th-October 11th) until my roots began to grow out.


The process to braid my hair took about all day; but that’s only because I was taking a break about every two braids that I would finish. I also parted the majority of my hair myself (I would ask for help from my mother from time to time) so some of the parts in the middle of my head would be slanted because I couldn’t see that well. Another big conflict was trying to get the same amount of braiding hair each time. As you can see, some braids are larger and longer than others. You also have to make sure that you don’t tie your hair part too tight with the rubber band, or you’ll have a serious headache after all is finished.

WARNING: When you get to the front of your hair (around your edges) please make sure to pull your edges and/or baby hair out of the section before tying the rubber band onto the part! This will ensure no edge stress and therefore saving your edges from breaking off and becoming short and thin.

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Author: Leylany Martinez

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