It’s Okay to take a Break: Three Reasons Why + How I Take Breaks

Hey Readers, I know that it has been a while since you have seen any new content on this blog; July had hit me with a ton of bricks. Nevertheless, I am much better now that things are getting resolved in my life. That being said, I wanted to let you know that it’s okay to step back for a while. Here are some reasons why:

You are the Curator of your own Mentality.

Just like you, everyone has their own breaking points. You can make 3 people live the same lifestyle and each of them will have different experiences. If you know that something is becoming too much to handle for you, take a step back and re-evaluate your choices. I like to listen to my favorite songs and sing along whenever I feel troubled. The vibration of the earbuds in my ears as well as the vibration of my tone of voice when I sing always clears my body and mind of all doubt and sour feelings.

You Just aren’t feeling like yourself.

Just like being physically drained, your body can be mentally and emotionally drained as well. You may have had a stressful time at work and/or school, or even went through a trying time with loved ones. When this happens, I like to spend some time with the people that really know and understand me. If I can’t have that around, I’ll just spend some time alone. For me, the only real alone time that I do have is in the morning. I wake up without an alarm at about 8:45am and begin my morning routine, then I would write upcoming events in my planner and make a quick breakfast.

You are having frequent emotional breakdowns/Anxiety Attacks.

Unlike panic attacks, Anxiety Attacks are erratic and come at the most unpredictable times. If you are overthinking frequently and might be very irritable, it’s best that you push some rational thinking your way. When I have meltdowns, I like to watch inspirational videos on YouTube. I’m really in love with TEDtalks at the moment. I also like to run errands when I am overthinking too much. When I do these things, it pushes the feeling that I am a failure out of my head.

Let me know what tips and tricks you use to get yourself back on track! Stay positive, and have a great week!

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Author: Leylany Martinez

A beautiful mind powered by the strength of community and "The Office", with my cat in my lap. Pleased to meet you.

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