Keeping it Real: Being Grateful for What’s Been Around

In my almost 19 years of living, I know that I have a fair share of glorfiying someone else’s life in a plethora of events. I would scroll down my social media accounts and see others making billions, having vacations often; even having great relationships with their family members. I’d always criticize them, saying “They don’t even have any skills, they just got lucky!” I was being the biggest hater. Comparing my life and who I am to others had always made me situationally depressed, but for the longest time, I didn’t know why. Condescending others had always been a regular routine for me. It wasn’t until I actually heard myself say these things about other people in my mind that I had realized that I was the one blocking myself from my own happiness.

I knew that in order to get myself out of this slump, I had to watch something inspirational. I remembered that my father had always put on a movie called “The Secret” and that he always encouraged (and still does) my whole family to watch it and to understand its contents. In the movie, there was a small segment that had spoken about the Law of Attraction; that everything you manifest into the world will come back to you. This person had said that one way to manifest the feelings that you want into the world, you had to be grateful for what you already had. This is what I apply to my daily life.

When I proceed to feel sad because I am not living the life I desire just yet, I write down what I am grateful for. My top three things that I would be grateful for always is waking up another day, my family, and my strong support systems which is my significant other and my good friend. It’s very easy to take things for granted, and so it is important to ground and humble yourself. What can be today, wont always be tomorrow.

What are you grateful for? Let me know! Stay positive and have a great day and night!


Author: Leylany Martinez

A beautiful mind powered by the strength of community and "The Office", with my cat in my lap. Pleased to meet you.

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