To all Who Feel that Vulnerability is a Sign of Weakness: A Free Write.

I’ve decided to write on this topic because I feel as if everyone around me is dealing with this situation; including myself. We may feel that keeping ourselves closed off is the best option in order to not get hurt because it is a nuisance to have to endure that pain when you can avoid it all together. That is almost everyone’s first instinct; but what is life without putting yourself out there and making mistakes? It is true that it’s hard to find a true friend these days who cares about you as much as you care about them, but not everyone is the same. I believe that for every five people that you meet, one will be a potential long-time friend. In my situation, I had always felt as if I couldn’t tell anyone about my business or my troubles because they would cease to be in my life and use my grievances against me. I also felt that because the connection that I have with my significant other was instant, I felt that a connection that had to be built was not worth it, and so I would never go so far as to letting others get into my life. Whether you have the same reason as me or maybe something way more complicated, I believe that we should take downtime brick wall in between others and ourselves; for we are not pushing people who would like to be apart of our lives away, but also keeping our beautiful souls from being expressed in whichever way it needs to be. Everyone just wants to be loved, and that’s what connects all lives. Don’t give up on finding that perfect person for you; whether it be a significant other or a friend. I hope that you are having a great day/night, and always think positive!


Author: Leylany Martinez

A beautiful mind powered by the strength of community and "The Office", with my cat in my lap. Pleased to meet you.

One thought on “To all Who Feel that Vulnerability is a Sign of Weakness: A Free Write.”

  1. That speak right through me taking risk in life can lead to many great things in life and meet new people who may share the same point of view and value as you do

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