My Chicken Infatuation: My Favorite Chicken Based Dish

Hey everyone! Hope you are well. I’ve decided to write out a recipe of mine today because I’ve been fascinated with the art of heart warming food lately, and I felt that I should share this with you guys. Let’s get into this article,shall we?

Brown Sugar Chicken Chop Suey

-Chow Mein Noodles

-Sliced Orange Pepper

-Sliced Green Pepper

-Snow Peas

-Chicken Tenderloins

-Pre Cut Carrots

-Pre Cut Cabbage

-Soy Sauce


-Brown Sugar

-Olive Oil

-Pre-Cooked Salami slices

-1 Full Potato Onion

Make sure to clean your Chicken first inside lukewarm water and squeezed lime juice. While that sits, begin to slice your vegetables. After slicing your vegetables, take a pot and lightly coat the bottom of the pan with olive oil, then put it on the stove and turn the stove onto the lowest heat. You’re going to work on seasoning the chicken tenderloins.

Having to cut the tenderloins only varies on personal preference. I like to slice the tenderloins into smaller pieces. Anyway, dump out the lime juice with the water and make sure to splash the chicken with some cold water before beginning to season the chicken. Then, I begin to eyeball the amount of cumin. The seasoning should just dust over the top of the tenderloins. After the cumin, I take about two and a half teaspoons of brown sugar and dump it in the mix, and just enough soy sauce to cover the top of the chicken evenly. I then use a clean hand to mix the ingredients together. In the end of the mixing, it looked like this:

Not so much of an appealing angle, I know. At this point, you want to put the chicken to the side and begin to cut your pre cooked salami into small triangle size pieces. After all the meat is prepped, you want to go ahead and put them into the pot with the rest of the vegetables, turn the heat on a little higher, and begin to stir and turn the ingredients. I’d say after two minutes of stirring, cover the pot with the top in order to make sure that the flavor never leaves the food. Now it’s time for the noodles. I take a separate pot and fill it halfway with water and sprinkle some salt into the water before putting it on the stove to boil. Once the water boils, go ahead and put in your noodles and begin to stir so that the noodles don’t stick to the pan. Then, just leave it to boil for about 5 minutes. While that’s happening, I prepare the snow peas by cutting the ends and putting it into the rest of the vegetables and meat in the last mintues for that satisfying crunch and color. This is how it looked:


After the noodles are finished, drain them and add them into the first pot, then stir. Once that happens, I like to add one more teaspoon of brown sugar and soy sauce, stir it in, then let the food cook for another 5 minutes with the top on the pot.

Happy Eating!


My DIY Box Braids

Hello everyone! Today I have finally decided to come back and write about a very liberating hair experience that I had recently. I had been bored of my own natural hair for a long time ever since it began to grow a bit longer then where it once was. My hair would look like a tapered cut because of all the shrinkage, but now its beginning to grow further out. I needed a protective style as well so that I could be able to get up and go, but still look polished. I had wanted to get my hair braided, but my funds were a bit tight. I work a part time job that pays both hourly and commission on top, and sales don’t always flourish when working in retail. Needless to say, I need to save all the money that I can. I decided to do my own jumbo box braids. I had purchased 8 packs of X-pressions braiding hair, small black rubberbands and used a mixture of the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel and the Amla Legend Edge Tamer to perfect my parting. Check out some of the progress as well as how I styled it:

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Yes it’s true, I was definitely feeling myself.


The style was super sleek and manageable with so many ways to style the braids. I would just apply olive oil onto my scalp every other night, apply my extra large bonnet and go to bed. When I would wake up, I would just have to lay my edges and go. Even when I wasn’t polished, I was polished. The style lasted for about a month (September 17th-October 11th) until my roots began to grow out.


The process to braid my hair took about all day; but that’s only because I was taking a break about every two braids that I would finish. I also parted the majority of my hair myself (I would ask for help from my mother from time to time) so some of the parts in the middle of my head would be slanted because I couldn’t see that well. Another big conflict was trying to get the same amount of braiding hair each time. As you can see, some braids are larger and longer than others. You also have to make sure that you don’t tie your hair part too tight with the rubber band, or you’ll have a serious headache after all is finished.

WARNING: When you get to the front of your hair (around your edges) please make sure to pull your edges and/or baby hair out of the section before tying the rubber band onto the part! This will ensure no edge stress and therefore saving your edges from breaking off and becoming short and thin.

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It’s Hair Wash Day! My Hair Wash Routine

Hey you! I hope you are well and having a great week. It has been a week since I last washed my hair, and my coils need to be drenched with water. Let me paint a picture of my Hair Wash day for you!


Depending on my hairstyle on that day, I will take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water to spray on my head before I go in with a wide tooth comb and detangle my hair from the ends to the roots. Warm water opens the hair cuticle and allows the hair to take in moisture; making my hair relatively manageable.

Step in the Name of Clean

I step into my shower and make sure the water is lukewarm before stepping backwards into the water. I let the warm water run from my roots to my ends until my hair lays flat on my head, then grab a couple pumps of shampoo and rub it into my hands; then distribute the product onto the perimeter of my head and work it into my scalp using my fingertips; NOT MY NAILS. Using nails on your scalp can damage the hair follicle. Lately I have been using Carol’s Daughter’s Rhassoul Clay sulfate – free shampoo, but only because it cleanses my hair without drying it and leaves a beautiful shine on my hair when it’s dry. I shampoo twice before moving on.

Condition/Curl Definition

After shampooing my hair, I then step away from the water and take a whole bunch of conditioner into my hands, rub my hands together and spread across the perimeter of my hair. I then take more conditioner and form my hands as if I am saying a prayer and spread the product onto my hair shaft and ends generously and evenly. Sometimes I take my wide tooth shower comb and detangle; sometimes I will just use my fingers to detangle. It depends on how lazy I become. Either way, the conditioner melts away the tangles and gives my hair shine and curl definition. For conditioner, I have been using the Olive Oil version of the Garnier Whole Blends conditioner. The conditioner is so thick and penetrates my hair cuticle leaving my hair so soft. I take a shower cap and put that over my head for about 5 minutes while I do my other “shower duties”. After 5 minutes, I turn the water to the cool setting, take my shower cap off, and step backwards into the cool water to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. Just like how warm water opens the hair cuticle and allows moisture to go into the hair, cool water closes the hair cuticle, trapping the moisture from the conditioner inside and leaving the hair super shiny and soft.

T-Shirt Dry

After washing the conditioner from my hair, I turn off the water and step out the shower. I then take an old t-shirt and wrap my hair into the shirt; fitting only my hair into the shirt and securing it on the top of my head; almost like a top knot. Drying my hair with a t-shirt avoids frizz that I would normally have if I had used a regular towel on my hair. I let the hair dry a little in the shirt before removing it and beginning to moisturize my coils.

Bring it to Life

Once again, I use a spray bottle filled with warm water to open up the hair cuticle just a bit, and comb through my hair once again before applying my leave in conditioner. I have been using Shea Moisture’s Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Styling Milk, and it has been working wonders on my once before fragile hair. I follow up with some Jamaican Black Castor Oil to seal in the moisture and begin to style. Castor Oil is a sealant Oil, therefore it seals in the moisture from both the conditioner and leave in conditioner.

Shoutout to my cousin Kelly for inspiring this post! And as for you, my reader, I hope you have a great day and/or night.

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Dear Customers: From a Retail Worker/Sales Consultants Point of View (A Free Write)

Dear Customer,

First, I would like to thank you for coming into the store today. Please do not treat me in a way that you wouldn’t like to be treated; I am still human just as you are. Feel free to try on anything you want. No, I am not telling you that I like that accessory on you just because I want you to purchase it. Not every sales consultant is genuine; but I can’t allow you to purchase a piece if you do not love it. If you don’t remember where that article of clothing goes to, please just let me handle it. When you leave it at a random space at the store, it takes time from my main duty in my occupation ; to sell accessories. No, I do not have a personal discount code that I can give to customers. The price that you see on the tag is the price before taxes. And lastly, if you come into my store two minutes before closing it, please make sure you know what you’re looking for. Please feel free to ask me questions about the product.


Retail Worker/Sales Consultant

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It’s Okay to take a Break: Three Reasons Why + How I Take Breaks

Hey Readers, I know that it has been a while since you have seen any new content on this blog; July had hit me with a ton of bricks. Nevertheless, I am much better now that things are getting resolved in my life. That being said, I wanted to let you know that it’s okay to step back for a while. Here are some reasons why:

You are the Curator of your own Mentality.

Just like you, everyone has their own breaking points. You can make 3 people live the same lifestyle and each of them will have different experiences. If you know that something is becoming too much to handle for you, take a step back and re-evaluate your choices. I like to listen to my favorite songs and sing along whenever I feel troubled. The vibration of the earbuds in my ears as well as the vibration of my tone of voice when I sing always clears my body and mind of all doubt and sour feelings.

You Just aren’t feeling like yourself.

Just like being physically drained, your body can be mentally and emotionally drained as well. You may have had a stressful time at work and/or school, or even went through a trying time with loved ones. When this happens, I like to spend some time with the people that really know and understand me. If I can’t have that around, I’ll just spend some time alone. For me, the only real alone time that I do have is in the morning. I wake up without an alarm at about 8:45am and begin my morning routine, then I would write upcoming events in my planner and make a quick breakfast.

You are having frequent emotional breakdowns/Anxiety Attacks.

Unlike panic attacks, Anxiety Attacks are erratic and come at the most unpredictable times. If you are overthinking frequently and might be very irritable, it’s best that you push some rational thinking your way. When I have meltdowns, I like to watch inspirational videos on YouTube. I’m really in love with TEDtalks at the moment. I also like to run errands when I am overthinking too much. When I do these things, it pushes the feeling that I am a failure out of my head.

Let me know what tips and tricks you use to get yourself back on track! Stay positive, and have a great week!

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Keeping it Real: Being Grateful for What’s Been Around

In my almost 19 years of living, I know that I have a fair share of glorfiying someone else’s life in a plethora of events. I would scroll down my social media accounts and see others making billions, having vacations often; even having great relationships with their family members. I’d always criticize them, saying “They don’t even have any skills, they just got lucky!” I was being the biggest hater. Comparing my life and who I am to others had always made me situationally depressed, but for the longest time, I didn’t know why. Condescending others had always been a regular routine for me. It wasn’t until I actually heard myself say these things about other people in my mind that I had realized that I was the one blocking myself from my own happiness.

I knew that in order to get myself out of this slump, I had to watch something inspirational. I remembered that my father had always put on a movie called “The Secret” and that he always encouraged (and still does) my whole family to watch it and to understand its contents. In the movie, there was a small segment that had spoken about the Law of Attraction; that everything you manifest into the world will come back to you. This person had said that one way to manifest the feelings that you want into the world, you had to be grateful for what you already had. This is what I apply to my daily life.

When I proceed to feel sad because I am not living the life I desire just yet, I write down what I am grateful for. My top three things that I would be grateful for always is waking up another day, my family, and my strong support systems which is my significant other and my good friend. It’s very easy to take things for granted, and so it is important to ground and humble yourself. What can be today, wont always be tomorrow.

What are you grateful for? Let me know! Stay positive and have a great day and night!

Let’s Talk About it: Finding Solace in Myself

This past Wednesday I had stepped outside for some fresh air. My toenails were a wreck, I was running out of my face powder, and I wanted a new pair of trousers for work. The sun and breeze was calling my name; and I had answered it. I had gotten dressed, and went to go wait for the bus to take me to my favorite Beauty Supply store. I remember feeling so bottled up and weak; I usually am on the phone with my significant other and I would be just be rambling about my surroundings. This particular day, my significant other had spent some well needed family time with his loved ones. I realized how uncomfortable I had felt with myself; the roaring silence in my mind was deafening. I really was not fond of myself.

Does that ever happen to you? Where you always want something to distract yourself from you? Finding solace in other things and people than what’s in your own head? The concept is kind of sad if you think about it. For a long time, I have always been alone and kept my personal life to myself. I definitely kept people at am arms distance away from myself, but I was always willing to help out with other people’s problems through advice or even just listening to them. When I had first met my significant other in 9th grade, I felt that I had just clicked with him. My feelings that I kept inside came rolling off my tongue when we had became good friends; as well did his. I have always loved our communication skills. I never thought that there would be one day in which the one day in which I don’t have my s/o to talk to, I would nearly have an anxiety attack on the way home. I realized that I had a LONG way to go before I am comfortable with me. I am excited to show this journey to anyone that is open to read and relate with me. I will be updating this blog irregularly with my journey to inner solace in hope that I can help others just like me on their journey as well. Stay Positive, and have a great day/night.